In late 2014, the Conway Innovation Center selected App Ed Review as its first business venture. First, with support from the CIC, App Ed Review redefined its sustainability model. Second, a national board of advisors was recruited to steer the direction of App Ed Review. With their board of advisors, App Ed Review receives support and expert guidance for the direction of the project. Third, App Ed Review gained the attention of Myrtle Beach’s local news media, including television, online, and in press.

GammaGrip Logo

While working with the Center, this entrepreneur was able to perfect their product and business plan with help from the Chemistry Department at CCU. The product aims to solve the problem of messy chalk used to aid your grip during strenuous activities. Ultimately, a hand-cream like product was developed that gives your hands the grip you need without leaving residue behind. After numerous discussions and target market segmentation, the product was launched and it can now be purchased at


Cuttin’up Quilts, located in South Carolina since 2013, is constantly looking for new and innovative ways with computer and laser technology to help our clients revel in their time honored quilting hobbies. They provide fabrication and material cutting support whether you are an artisan, professional teacher, fabric supplier, or hobbyist quilter. Their precision cutting makes the quilting experience easy, fun, and rewarding. Visit their website at


BooZi was founded by Brian O'Neil and his wife, Sheila. This product is an easy to use device that you drop in a bottle of liquor or wine and it removes much of the impurities still present within the alcohol. This product even removes sulfites from wine, which is one of the main impurities that lead to headaches. CIC assisted BooZi with some field testing and research through Coastal Carolina University. Learn more about BooZi at

Bella Baby & Co. is a specialty gift company that specializes in manufactured boutique baby gifts that are not commonly found in hospital gift shops. They are dedicated to provide exceptional customer service and provide a unique way for hospital gift shop customers to purchase boutique gifts in a convenient hospital setting. Conway Innovation Center was pleased to assist them with a microloan that allowed them to launch their company. Check out their site!

Recovery Room is Myrtle beach's first IV Drip Lounge and Shot Bar featuring vitamin infusion and injection therapy to promote health,,wellness, and beauty from the inside out. Dena Pozeg, the founder of Recovery Room, has a nursing background and is certified in distributing the IV drips and vitamin shots along with her employees who are also certified. Conway Innovation Center had the great opportunity of working with Dena to develop her idea into a business that opened a store front on July 1st. For more information on the products and services Dena provides check out her website