The Incubation Process is a Path to Success

We guide innovators through the critical steps of development and help turn a vision into a business start-up.

  • Market research – Analyze competitors, market potential, barriers to entry and regulatory and legal hurdles.
  • Business modeling – Develop the basic framework, including potential sales and distribution channels, partners, alliances and resource requirements.
  • Assessing talent – Assess the experience of team members, identify gaps in skills and identify strategies for filling those gaps.
  • Business planning – Provide coaching, financial expertise and writing support to help develop a plan to attract potential investors.
  • Company formation – Provide guidance towards choosing the appropriate form of corporate entity, and also establish its legal entity.
  • Financing – Explore possible financing options and develop skills to secure initial funding.
  • Launching - Assist you in bringing your business to market.

The CIC Business Incubation Program begins with its staff and advisors identifying expertise and resources that will benefit your company most.  Regular education and networking programs also address the shared needs identified among incubator clients. Through strategic sessions and various informal interactions, CIC works to develop the skills necessary to transform plans into realities.

The program provides a built-in network of support among like-minded peers. These sessions are designed to help define a company’s primary business. Using the definition of the company’s primary business, we develop market and capital strategies to form a solid foundation that is crucial to the growth and prosperity of emerging enterprises.


CIC at the 2015 Grand Strand Technology Council Tech Expo