The Conway Innovation Center provides core support necessary to facilitate the incubation of new products and businesses


  • Developing the culture and processes for technology entrepreneurship. CIC is a part of Coastal Carolina University, a statewide program that advances innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Building business competency. CCU offers professional and graduate-level assistance in market research, business planning, funding strategies and launching technology-based startup ventures.
  • Providing professional research and development assistance. In addition, CIC has access to a wide range of databases to assist and promote new product development within our business startups.
  • Providing Intellectual Property and Patent Research assistance. In conjunction with Coastal Carolina University and local legal support, CIC helps gather research pertaining to existing patents and intellectual property.
  • Supplementing the human resources needs of new startups. In the form of incubator residencies or project staffing, the commercial potential of innovations can be assessed and advanced. We also can assist in accessing local, legal, accounting and professional support.
  • Delivering technology commercialization services. CIC has access to a wide range of technology commercialization services such as basic assistance, alliance formation and technology licensing research.


The Conway Innovation Center also partners with Coastal Carolina University, as well as public and private sector partners at the local and state level.

  • Operating a community business incubator in affiliation with the City of Conway. CIC provides office space and services for startups or expanding companies. CIC counselors reside at the business incubator and offer ongoing mentoring services to next-generation business residents in our program.

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Photo Credit: Victorgrigas CC-SA-3